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PH Blog Tour: Are We All Lemming and Snow Flakes? by Holly Bourne (BOOK REVIEW + GIVEAWAY)

39297840Title: Are We All Lemming and Snow Flakes?

Author/s: Holly Bourne

ISBN: 9781474933612

PublicationDate: August 9th 2018

Publisher: by Usborne Publishing Ltd

Format: Paperback

Number of Pages: 400
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“Welcome to Camp Reset, a summer camp with a difference. A place offering a shot at “normality” for Olive, a girl on the edge, and for the new friends she never expected to make – who each have their own reasons for being there. Luckily Olive has a plan to solve all their problems. But how do you fix the world when you can’t fix yourself?”

Holly Bourne never fails to seize the sentiments within me. This book is unequivocal, it was made with pure honesty, raw emotions, and there isn’t any hint of clear way for the thrust of uncompromising messages. If you’re a Holly Bourne reader, you’ll notice that most of her books are concentrated on a character’s mental health. AWALAS is different, for it did not just gave a voice to its main character, but also to the supporting ones. Each of them are struggling with different kind of mental illness. Some have OCD of different kinds, one character is a drug abuser, and many more.

The familiarity of Olive’s case was there. I felt a deep connection with our main character here. There’s something wrong with Olive, and she refused to know her diagnosis. She doesn’t know what’s going on with her. All that she kept in mind is that every bad things that are happening around her is her fault because she thinks she is a bad person. I should be hating her annoying personality and arrogant demeanor, but at the same time, I find her pitiful. The self-hate, erratic conduct, series of bad thoughts.

Almost every single thing. I saw myself in her. It seemed like I was reading in to my own story, invading my thoughts. Even the supporting characters were too real, they portrayed their roles perfectly and offered their own stories with flaws and denials.
I also like the mention of the stuff that people who have problems with their mental health use it as a means to justify the things that they do. We all know that that is not true.But we also cannot deny the obvious that there are sick bastards out there who thinks that problematic people only make excuses. Mental illness is no joke, and it will never be considered as one.

Frustrated, I was, when I got confused at the part where the use of the terms “lemmings” and “snowflakes” was discussed. I read it for like 3-4 times just to understand it. I’ll give you some lines, worry not further explanations are in the book.

“We are all like lemmings. We like to think that we are special, but, actuall, we’re all pretty stupid and do the same predictable things at the same predictable times.”
“This is so depressing in a weird kind of way. And there I was thinking I was a special snowflake.”
“So, we are all lemmings and snowflakes?”

The originality of the setting of the book is refreshing. A perfect place to discuss and explore the issues which gathers around people’s mentality. AWALAS is made of both beautiful and painful words. Positive and negative thoughts. Kindness is contagious.To spread kindness is the ultimate goal of this book. This lets the readers know how significant kindness is in one’s life, how effective and life-changing it is. How with such simple thing, the world could change.

Holly made something more than just a book. It is something more. It is meaningful, heartfelt, and empowering. AWALAS serves as an awareness. This will make a huge impact in a person if they decided to keep the messages in their hearts and act upon it.

Overall, Are We All Lemmings and Snowflakes? is a provocative book with its own gripping elements, influential message, and strong voices. Tell you what, try reading Holly’s books and see if you’ll be needing ’em in your life.


6561227Holly started her writing career as a news journalist, where she was nominated for Best Print Journalist of the Year. She then spent six years working as an editor, a relationship advisor, and general ‘agony aunt’ for a youth charity – helping young people with their relationships and mental health.

Inspired by what she saw, she started writing teen fiction, including the best-selling, award-winning ‘Spinster Club’ series which helps educate teenagers about feminism. When she turned thirty, Holly wrote her first adult novel, ‘How Do You Like Me Now?’, examining the intensified pressures on women once they hit that landmark.

Alongside her writing, Holly has a keen interest in women’s rights and is an advocate for reducing the stigma of mental health problems. She’s helped create online apps that teach young people about sexual consent, works with Women’s Aid to spread awareness of abusive relationships, and runs Rethink’s mental health book club.

Author Links: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | GR Author Page


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  1. Hi mugglebooks! I have read all of Holly’s books from soulmates until it only happens in the movies! I wish I can win the giveaway because i’ve been eyeing that book since three days ago. this book actually brought me to your blog and I loved your review, looking forward to reading more of your blogs.



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