UNBOXING: “A Sparkle of Hope” Pouts and Fluffs Loot Box

Pouts and Fluffs Loot Box

Hello there! I am happy to share with you guys that for the first time since I started being interested on bookish subscription boxes, I finally decided to order a bookish subscription box from the country I live in. I settled on having my first order at Pouts and Fluffs Loot Box.


Pouts and Fluffs Loot Box is a monthly Young-Adult Book Subscription Box that is based in the Philippines. To know more about the story of the subscription box, click here. Inside the subscription box is a YA book, bookish merchandise, and other printed bookish items.


May 2017 “A Sparkle of Hope”

“Don’t ever think that you are just a speck of matter prancing across he universe. You’re worth it. You can shine more vibrantly than the brightest star in the galaxy. Don’t lose hope. Everything’s getting better if you chose to see the light and slowly get off from the darkness.” – Mr. Pouts


Mr. Pouts and Ms. Fluffs gave us a lot of sneak peeks so it made me more curious about what’s inside the box. And instead of having 8 items inside the box, they decided to add 2 more so it’s a total of 10 items!

What are the items inside Pouts and Fluffs’ MAY 2017 Loot Box?

  • A magnetic bookmark by @camlin_ph ; exclusively designed by Mr. Pouts for #pandaofthemonth
  • A bookish Button Pin by @poutsandfluffs.ph
  • A Pouts and Fluffs lootbox main quote button pin

Magnetic bookmark, bookish button pins, I’ve been dying to have these bookish items. Finally, they are now in my hands!


  • A Beauty and the Beast’s “Rose in Dome Glass” Replica
  • A Beauty and the Beast-themed Temporary Tattoo

Have you watched the movie? read the book? IT WAS MAGICAL! Though the temporary tattoo is beautiful, it’s big, and I don’t know if where am I going to use it.

  • An ACOWAR-themed Poster designed by Mr. Pouts
  • A galaxy-inspired bathbomb by @balneumph

A BATHBOMB! I wouldn’t use it yet, for the reason that we don’t have a bathtub. Might as well go to a hotel again! AND OMG LOOK AT THAT POSTER! MR. POUTS HAS TALENT. IT IS A M A Z I N G!


  • An ACOWAR-inspired Bookish Scented Candle “Starfall” by @thebookflame

If you are a friend of mine, a personal or a social media friend, you must know that I badly want a bookish candle. HERE IT IS NOW! I ALREADY HAVE ONE! And it was inspired by my most anticipated read this year!


Seeing the featured book made me jump in joy! Literally! I was just thinking about reading this book and now it’s here! Please click this or the book’s title above so you will be directed to Goodreads. Though to be honest, I kinda expected ACOWAR hehe. Anyway, NO REGRETS! I TRULY LOVED THE FEATURED BOOK! I can’t wait to read it.


and for the final look…

Pouts and Fluff’s MAY 2017 Loot Box:

“A Sparkle of Hope”


**A star-themed vial keychain made by Ms. Fluffs is also included in the box, unfortunately, my youngest cousin decided to take it and bought it home. I screamed at her over the phone. Thankfully, I managed to take a picture of the items inside the box before she stole the vial.**

Overall, for a starter, they did a pretty well job, especially when it comes to interacting with their customers. I totally recommend this to my fellow bookish people.

I want to thank Pouts and Fluffs Loot Box for making my experience of unboxing a siubscription box worthwhile.

I really had fun sharing the lootbox with you guys! ‘Til my next unboxing!

Pouts and Fluff’s JUNE 2017 theme is

“Down the Memory Lane”


Do you love that rustic vibe? The aura of the cabin in the middle of the woods? How about some vintage stuff? Well, this box is for you! Join us as we go back to the past and travel time with our June 2017 Box theme “Down the Memory Lane”. This box is also perfect for Potterheads as you will see maybe 1-3 Harry Potter merch inside this wondrous boxes. You might want a sweet treat straight from Hogsmead 😉

Order your box now at our website (link in bio). As of this month, we decided to collaborate a book or movie fandom merch every month alongside our book boxes’ theme. This May 2017 you will see two book/movie fandom merch inside our boxes (BATB and ACOWAR). So what book or movie fandom do you want next? Comment down below.

We do apologize for the delay on some updates for the last few days. We have a very hectic and crazy schedule lately between the preparation of the boxes’ contents and our work. We hope you guys understand 😞
Going back, shipping of May boxes this weekend! Who’s excited? I AM. 😂🙌 I can’t wait for my box haha 😍
Should you have any questions and inquiries, feel free to DM us. Stay tuned for more good news, sweethearts! 😊💕

For more information, please do visit Pouts and Fluffs

also, for information regarding the above mentioned shops, you can just click the usernames.








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8 thoughts on “UNBOXING: “A Sparkle of Hope” Pouts and Fluffs Loot Box

    1. As soon as I heard about them I didn’t really make any second thought, I immediately ordered 😊 check ’em out. And yes, kudos to them for doing a pretty good job


  1. Finally, a subscription box in PH!! Love your unboxing post 💖💖 btw, how much did you spend in total? I couldn’t find it on their website.


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