ARC REVIEW: Reflection: The Stranger in the Mirror (Records of the Ohanzee #1) by Rachel R. Smith

Title: Reflection: The Stranger in the Mirror

Authors: Rachel R. Smith

Publication Date: October 2015

Publisher: Amazon Digital Services

Format: eARC

Number of Pages: 265


“An Heiress, an ancient prophecy, and a masquerade…
Nerissa, the Heiress of Chiyo, prepares for the masquerade celebrating the twentieth anniversary of a thwarted assassination attempt on her family. Longing to be admired for herself and not her title, she arranges to switch costumes and enjoy the ball in blissful anonymity. But, when the fateful night finally comes, a prophetic warning of a second attack arrives too late, and the evening turns from revelry and romance to violence. After being pulled from the chaos by an enigmatic guardian, Nerissa learns that the Royal Family has been concealing a formidable secret for generations–and it is only one of many that are about to be revealed.

Reflection: The Stranger in the Mirror is Book 1 of 4 in the Records of the Ohanzee series, which is written in a serialized style with a story line that flows continuously between books.”

My Thoughts

**Thank you Netgalley and for approving my request to review Reflection: The Stranger in the Mirror by Rachel R. Smith.**

I’m a reader who looks at a book’s cover first, before reading the blurb. I admit, The Reflection’s cover is the sole reason why I requested for it. It’s just so enthralling, so beautiful. 

The abstract idea of the story is superb! The Reflection is different from any of my other fantasy reads. It was one of a kind. The book has a slow pace, yet there are many things going on, that’s why I held on to it. This one was really hard to set aside. 

The main character, Nerissa, has been my new favorite this 2016. She’s fearless, I do admire her strong characteristic, her determination and compassion to everything she does. 

I highly respect Smith for making such beautifully written book. The writing, same as the world she built were foreign to me. She made a world with both magic and high technologies. It was substantial. 

I’m disappointed at how the book ended in just a snap. Like how the hell it happened that suddenly, it’s finished. There are still questions in my head, unanswered. 

I just need the book 2 immediately, I know that a lot of things will happen next and I don’t think I can patiently wait for it. I’m hoping that there will be a lot of action!



Thank you

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12 thoughts on “ARC REVIEW: Reflection: The Stranger in the Mirror (Records of the Ohanzee #1) by Rachel R. Smith

  1. I actually wanted to request it solely based on the cover too.. But I decided not to in the end once I read the blurb. Glad to see your thoughts on it!!


  2. Nerissa sounds like my kind of girl! And strong world building is always a major asset for a Fantasy novel. The serialised aspect of the publishing of this series means I will be waiting for it to be completely published before buying book 1 though… I like you, dread cliff hanger endings!


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