BOOK REVIEW: The Academy Alignment by David Davis, Andra St. Ivanyi

Title: The Academy Alignment

Authors: David Davis, Andra St. Ivanyi

Publication Date: February 17th 2016

Publisher: The Phoenix Organization

Format: eARC

Number of Pages: 285


“Who decides what music defines a generation or which war gets funded? Who determines high fashion? Who gets to choose which dusty African village thrives and which suffers famine and genocide?

For centuries, the world’s wealthiest have sent their children to an elite boarding school known as The Academy to ensure continued control over global events. This year, The Academy offered its first scholarship to Peter Foster, a 17 year old from the blue-collar town nearby. Before Peter can get his bearings in this world of unimaginable wealth, sexual gamesmanship and obscene entitlement, he uncovers information about the mysterious and violent disappearance of a recent student — information everyone, even the teachers, is desperate to cover up. As the forces of Light and Dark continue their age-old dance of influence and manipulation, The Academy students fight to run their parents’ empires, and to consolidate wealth and influence at any cost. Peter soon realizes he is up against forces that operate far outside his reality, and he’ll have to risk everything, even his life, to expose the truth … even if his discoveries upend the fragile balance of global power.”

My Thoughts

**Thank you NetGalley and The Pheonix Organization for providing me a review copy of The Academy Alignment by David Davis and Andra St. Invanyi.**

“Why?” “What?” “How?”

Those are my first thoughts reading the prologue of The Academy Alignment.

“What the hell is happening?”
“Why is it happening?”
“How on earth am I going to put this book down?”

I immediately requested a review copy of The Academy after reading the provided blurb in NetGalley. I love stories that are set in boarding schools. I really do. The Academy is a school where only a number of 300 students are allowed, a few yet their family have money almost half of the percentage of the world’s wealth.

Peter isn’t one of those students. Well he got an outreach scholarship. Reading about a school for elites, and a boy who got a scholarship made me think of Boys Over Flowers, a Korean Novela that I truly love. BoF vibes, but I know it’s way different.

Every character, I think, knows something that Peter doesn’t. All he have to do is find those things out. But there are rules, and there are prices to pay. Everything in the school is either a trap or a lie. It’s like saying, “help, or disappear.”

The book was really enthralling, it didn’t let me put it down even just for a second. I loved reading it, I loved how I feel like I’m just right beside Peter while he’s unraveling the secrets of The Academy, cheering for him, telling him to do this do that, not to do this and that.

One chapter to another, leads from one question to another. A lot of unanswered questions. The mysteries, they unravel with enough time, not slow neither fast. Every chapter I read makes me more interested, eager to know more. It kept me guessing who’s on the right side and who’s not. Who are trustworthy, and who’s veteran in betrayals.

The book would be a perfect one for me, a 5-star, if it wasn’t for the way it was written. It was written as if it’s for middle grades, pretty much almost the only thing I didn’t like in The Academy. Not to mention about some really predictable parts too. As well as the number of point of views. As a reader, more point of views mean more confusions. Guess that one added complexity to the story, and twisted minds to the readers.

Overall, I enjoyed the book! Everyone needs to read this! Though, warning, the book was a real cliffhanger! Because what the hell? ZACH?!





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