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Muggleboooks’ Review Policy

Review Policy

I review a vast variety of book genres such as YA Contemporary/Fiction, Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, High Fantasy, New Adult, Paranormal, and Mystery. I never liked the idea of reading biographies, neither dystopians, but I might try reading sci-fi.

As of now, I only accept physical ARCs, and published books from authors and publishers in exchange of an honest review. Please note that the review, whether positively made or negative, have nothing to do with neither the publisher nor author, I review based on THE BOOK.  As mentioned, I do accept eARCs neither ebooks, but physical copies would be much appreciated and I would love it.

What to include in your request:

  • Title of the book
  • Author
  • Image of the book cover
  • Blurb
  • Formats available
  • Quote/s or line/s from the book
  • Publication Date
  • Publisher
  • Genre

I always do my best to review the books at a timely manner, if a certain book has an archive date, most of the time I would read and review THAT book first. Also please keep in mind that I cannot accept all of the book request and now I’m really sorry if I won’t be able to approve. But hey! I usually approve. 🙂 Take note that you will not receive any response from me if the request doesn’t meet the above-mentioned requirements.

I cannot promise that my review will satisfy the neither the author nor the publisher, but rest-assured the review will be provided with pure honesty.

Rating System

5/5 stars, meaning I love the book. PERFECT.

4/5 stars, I really like the book. I might say something not good about it, but it didn’t made me stop reading it.

3/5 stars, I like the book, but I cannot guarantee you guys that I’ll keep talking about this one and recommend it to everyone.

2/5 stars, the book was OKAY. As in OKAY, no other words but OKAY.

1/5 stars, I don’t like this book. I hated it, and if I hated a book, I wouldn’t mind what other people or bookworms may say as long as I hate it, I’ll give you reasons why.

For more questions you can email me at or or go to my account, you can see the CONTACT ME menu there.



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