Book Mail

 I just got my second book ordered from The Book Depository. I really love TBD! 
What’s inside? Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard!
I ordered this book only 2 weeks ago, and now I woke up only to find this book in my desk! I’m really excited!! TBD is such a reliable online bookstore. They have free shipping free worldwide! PH, US, UK… Name it. Plus they have a really fast and clear transaction. They also offer amazing discounts on book/s! I really love TBD’s service, without TBD i think i’d be crying for the books I can’t find in our Local Bookstores. 😭😂 Tbd’s customer service is great, their books are way cheaper than Amazon, they have really great selection of books (trust me) and what I love about this Online bookstore most is at times, they give free cute bookmarks! Yes, sometimes. This book that I’ve got doesn’t have a bookmark in it, a little disappointed tho 😭 I really adore bookmarks. 

Thank you book depository your service is fabulous and I will order again.


I ordered Lux Series from Amazon last June 4, 2015 and the Estimated Time Of Arrival of the book is July 7, 2015. A month! 😭 I will also write a review about Amazon’s service when I got the book.


2 thoughts on “Book Mail

  1. Awesome, that looks like such a good book! I’m fixing to order from them soon, their prices are so reasonable too! Thanks for the review on the site, makes me feel more comfortable ordering from them seeing someone else’s experience with it!


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