The Fill-In Boyfriend by Kasie West (Book Review)

The task is simple, be her fill-in Bradley slash Fake boyfriend for only 2 hours, then after that he needs to break up with her in front of her friends and they must never talk nor see each other again.

But that’s not what happened. What happened is what always happens. They two, fell in love with each other.

Gia. At first, I don’t like her that much. She cares too much about herself, her appearance, her reputation as a student body President, she wanted everything to be perfect, well- organized. She’s a Twitter addict, number of likes is very important to her. Talk about teenager of our generation. But when she met fake Bradley and Bec, she changed, she became a better person.

As for Fill-in Bradley/FIB/Fake Boyfriend/ Hayden , he’s cute in a nerdy (not that I’m saying being a nerd is bad, I’m a nerd myself) kind of way, wears eyeglasses, ungeled (lol not even a word) hair, he’s a smart-ass, a very nice guy, humorous and adorable af, but still, not perfect.


The only thing about him is his trust issues, well, who wouldn’t question someone else’s loyatly if you’ve been betrayed by your best friend and your girlfriend ? He’s hurt, what can we do? Because of his “Trust Issue” he almost lost his chance to Gia.

Now let’s talk about some bitches in the story. Laney, Jules and Claire. I mean, what kind of best friends are they? They’re all too mean. They don’t know how to reconsider. I will never let my emotion ruin our friendship just because of a lie, a lie that occurred because of their shallow minds.


Drew , Gia’s older brother is such a jerk and asshole. If I were Gia, I wouldn’t forgive him immediately, what he did was unforgivable. I would never do a thing that will humiliate and hurt my siblings. And I hated their parents too, for being so manipulative also for being proud of what their son did to their youngest.

Bradley! The real Bradley! Main reason why it all started. Why dump your girlfriend just because you don’t want to meet and greet her friends! stupid!

Bec , oh how I love her character! She doesn’t lie, she doesn’t hide what she feels. She tells everyone what she wanted to tell them, name it, good or bad, except she can’t tell her feelings for Nate . She doesn’t care about what other people might say behind her back, what other people think about her. And I’m so thankful, if it wasn’t for her, the story will be INC.


I love the chemistry between Hayden and Gia, they always make me laugh, they’re comfortable with each other, so cute!

I shouldn’t state the obvious but the story was so cliched. But still, it made me stay awake up all night for 2 and a half hours, it’s just so addicting. Thought Kasie West’s lack of originality, it didn’t stop me from devouring and enjoying her book.

This book isn’t just about teenage drama, love. It also tackles the importance of family, friendship, the truth, the lies, trust issues, and loyalty . It was also mentioned in the book, the modern teenager’s addiction to social networking sites and how it affects their life.

And those are the things I appreciated most about the book.

I swooned all over Hayden . so, I must read her other books for swoon worthy boys! Lots of Love Ms. Kasie


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