Ice Kissed by Amanda Hocking (Review)


I loved this book more than The Trylle Trilogy (w/c was my most loved book back when i haven’t read frostfire and Ice Kissed Yet) i love Bryn, she’s full spirited, brave and when she knows she’s right, she’s right. Ice Kissed is more awesome than Frostfire (Kanin Chronicles book 1) The story is very mysterious, there came to a point when I almost cried because I badly want to know who’s betraying who, who’s following orders of whom, who’m to be trusted but, most of all who’s the real enemy. I admit that There came a point when I thought that Viktor Dalig have nice intentions and the imposters were the Kanin’s ruler (Evert and Mina etc.) I almost think they’re keeping secrets.. But who knows right? I loved it when Ridley and Bryn tried to understand things between them that they got plans for themselves, but only after they caught Viktor. I hate it when Konstantin Black shows up anywhere giving warnings to Bryn but not going straight to the point like why don’t he just tell her everything right away! (Lol i am just very demanding. I know that’s not possible. Haha)

After reading Ice Kissed I almost threw anything near me because I haven’t realized that the book two’s already over. I kept scrolling and saw GLOSSARY like (really). I am really attached to the story I searched for the Book 3 (Crystal Kingdom) and realized that Oh My Gosh I still need to wait for the story to be released for months!
The waiting is a struggle.


“It hurts so badly it almost took my breath away.”

-Amanda Hocking, Ice Kissed

“i doubt he’ll come back.”

-Amanda Hocking, Ice Kissed

“But what if my heart doesn’t know what it wants anymore?”

-Amanda Hocking, Ice Kissed

“Things we’re not over yet.”

-Amanda Hocking, Ice Kissed


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